A grand dame’s 90th birthday

Everyone but everyone was there for the 90th birthday celebration of Remedios “Tia Meding” Orola, whose ten children, in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren came from different parts of the world to hold a fabulous grand celebration for their beloved Mamang. Guests came in their glamorous best, packing the huge La Proa Ballroom of L’Fisher Hotel. When everyone was seated, the main doors flew open and the lively tune of “We Are Family”, heralded the grand entrance of the Orola clan to rapturous applause. But the biggest applause was for Tia Meding, looking resplendant in a fuschia gown, as she proudly walked down the aisle escorted by eldest son, former Congressman John Orola and grandson Niño Salabas. Daughter Fanny Orola Balenia from the States, emceed the spectacular show.

Red wine and other drinks flowed freely all night while the crowd enjoyed the scrumptious hors d’oeuvre. After dinner, the crowd was treated to an enjoyable array of song and dance numbers performed by the family members. Highlight of the program was the presentation of a book on the amazing life story of Meding Orola, authored by family friend Lorna Torralba Titgemeyer. It captured this strong lady’s powerful convictions and fierce determination for the success of her children which has borne fruit as all her children are successful professionals: lawyer, doctor, engineer, nurse, teacher, businessman, etc.

Soon it was time to party as fun-loving guests filled the dance floor doing the swing, cha-cha, tango and boogie all through the magical night. Even Tia Meding couldn’t resist and had a ball! One of my good friends was having such a great time that he lost his expensive diamond ring while dancing! (Oh dear!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIA MEDING!*


— Tia Meding is the mother of Babaylan Austria President, Cecille Orola Cech

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