Abdul Candao – Pinoy Professional tenor

Abdul Candao, a Pinoy professional tenor is at the moment making name in the German-speaking countries of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Abdul plays Prince Sou-Chung, the son of an emperor from China, in the musical play of Franz Lehar, “Land des Lächelns” (Land of Smiles). The musical play is currently on  its European tour in key cities of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Abdul, regarded highly as the first Muslim tenor vocalist from Maguindanao. He comes from a prominent family in the region. The Candao’s are known in the province.  Abdul’s father was the brother of former Governor  Candao in Maguindanao. He was shot dead while driving his younger children to school.

Kayumangging Kalikasan

He became a part of “Kayumangging Kalikasan” beneath the late Professor Ernani Cuenco.

It was in 1995 when Abdul finished his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna. Before finishing his studies in Vienna, he sang already in different musical and opera shows. Two months after his graduation in 1995, he got a contract to be a part of the ensemble of a musical called Elisabeth. The play is an original Austrian musical named after Elisabeth, the empress of Austria. Abdul played the role of a Baron in this long-running musical.

Competition in Europe

Despite the large competition in Europe, Abdul could still succeed to sing and compete with other famous vocalists in Europe.

“Europe is not Manila. In Europe, you have to present yourself to get discovered while in Manila, you can sit and wait to get discovered. Tenor is the highest natural adult male voice and being a professional tenor, it is necessary to have a proper management of breathing,” Abdul said.

Aside from his regular opera shows, Abdul still finds time to give concert for the Pinoy audience here.

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