Alfred “Ali” Hofer and the Vice Versa Band – now making name in Austria

One of the most popular bands in Austria at the moment is the Vice-Versa Band. The Band is widely known because of its music and versatility. For the thousands of fans, they regard Alfred “Ali” Hofer as the soul of the band. Ali is the lead singer, composer and guitarist of the Vice-Versa Band.

Filipinos in Austria are very proud of Ali’s accomplishments. Indeed, he reflects the talents of the Filipinos.

Proud Mother

Cynthia Martinez-Hofer, the mother of Ali is very proud of  her son.

“When he was turning 18,  we were at that time in the Philippines, all he wanted as a birthday present was an electric guitar. Sabi ko sa kanya, what for dahil unang-una, hindi siya marunong maggitara.  And so he did his best to enumerate to me all the fancy ideas he can manage with this instrument, although he had never laid hands on one before.  It lasted few days before his fervent wish came true and he boarded the return flight to Vienna with the guitar proudly hanging at his back instead of a backpack. He kept a silly smile on his face, constantly glancing at me as if to say, “You’ll see, Mama, I will show you.”

Three and a half years later, Ali has written almost 40 songs and has declared himself a self-taught composer and songwriter. He learned to sing with his guitar and took several guitar lessons with a Columbian student scholar as well as singing lessons with a Japanese opera singer.

In April 2006, Ali founded the “Vice Versa Band” playing only Ali’s Pop Rock music pieces with punk influence. In the meantime, they have held mini concerts in several clubs and bars in Vienna. Through the band members’ initiative, Vice Versa even produced it’s own song CD which were sold during their mini-concerts.  All the songs were Ali’s compositions. Recently, they joined a nationwide band competition at the ARENA Vienna and fortunately won all the rounds.

After winning the competition, Vice Versa Band expressed its gratitude for the support of the fans. Patrick Salmi, also a guitarist of the band commented: “Zur Zeit nehmen wir das Album auf und wahrscheinlich ende des Jahres kommt sie heraus.  Wir werden mal sehen wie dies weitergeht. Im Summer gibt es viele Shows geplant. Wir haben ebenfalls guest appearances in verschiedenen Sommerfestivals.

(At the moment because of the support of our fans, we are planning to come out with our new CD before the end of the year. We have also lots of concerts and guest appearances this coming summer)

Ali has personally thanked his fellow Filipinos for their support, too. “Maraming salamat sa pagsuporta ninyo sa amin. Please check our website:

Ali started to study audio engineering at SAE in Los Angeles, California, though, he came back to Austria to heed the call of his fellow band members. Vladimir Klitscho, the popular German boxer signed a contract with the group. The boxer, turned music promoter vowed to promote the Vice Versa Band. Ali and his band have already guest appearances in a number of German television programs.

Aside from being a musician, Ali is also very talented when it comes to language. He speaks German, English, Spanish, French and Tagalog fluently.


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