15th Anniversary and Induction Ball of ANEA celebrated

The (ANEA) Association of Novo Ecijanos in Austria  staged its Induction ceremonies  of  the new set of officers for 2017-2018 at the  Marriott Hotel, Vienna.

Guests included dignitaries, elected leaders and officers of the Council of Filipino  Associations in Austria were also present to support the organization’s endeavors.

The officers were officially  installed into office by Hon. Sulpicio  Confiado, Consul General, Philippine Embassy Vienna.  In between ceremonies, the talented members of  ANEA performed songs and  cultural dances.

“As we celebrate this milestone year, we continue to pursue a legacy of cultural preservation and propagation, as well as community service through our various programs and activities,” Victoria Lim, elected Vice-President of the organization said in her opening remarks.

Lim called  all members and friends to support the association to fullfill its commitment to help.

“Let us thank the good Lord for all blessings we received to be shared to others,” the Vice president added.

ANEA re-elected  President Armando Ortiz  thanked his  kababayans and friends  for gracing and attending  Induction  Ball and 15th Anniversary of the association.

The President likewise expressed his gratitude to the members and officers of ANEA and to the whole Filipino community in Austria for supporting the programs of  ANEA. Consul General Sulficio Confiado  admired the  officers and members of ANEA because of their dedicated effort to be of service for their “kababayans” back home in Nueva Ecija.

“Despite being away from our beloved country, you  continue to seek ways to improve the quality of our citizenry’s lives through varied endeavors. Truly, geographical distance cannot hinder us from upholding our social responsibility , as well as our distinct Filipino values of generousity and compassion,” Confiado said in his speech.

The Consul General  likewise lauded  the Novo Eciajnanos  for keeping the spirity of unity alive and continuing to celebrate their  identity as ANEANs. ANEA has been steadfast in its efforts to provide outreach services to fellow Novo Ecijanos back home through their medical and dental missions, housing projects, nutrition and feeding programs, educational to poor but deserving students and financial assistance to victims of natural calamities in the Philippines.

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